What an agency won’t tell you about facebook reach.

April 26, 2017 Tanmay Shanishchara Uncategorized 0 Comments

You’ve spent lakhs of rupees on your social media marketing and you are betting high on these social giants to achieve success. You hope your facebook page reaches out to millions of people worldwide and your brand becomes the ‘trending topic’ across the globe. You have hired best agency and they presented a shiny, ambitious, million $ plan to make your audience go ga-ga about your brand.

But, did agency tell you how are they going to get you the reach you’re looking for? Did you even ask – how does a post go viral and what increases a post’s ‘organic reach’? Which algorithm does facebook use to determine reach of your content?

Well, based on my experience & study of past few years I can confidently say it all depends on a parameter called ‘edgerank’. It determines ‘virality’ of any content. Here are some simplified observations to help you undrstand how it all works:


Achieving digital success is a dream for every big or small brand anywhere across the world. You always dream of driving maximum likes and engagement, far beyond that of your competitors. And in the process you end up hiring an agency which provides you with the ‘best laid plans’ for you to achieve your goals. But is the agency having a tell-all session with you?

A clear smack in your million dollar plans for your company can be only because your agency chooses to keep you blissfully ignorant about a lot of facts. For instance, did the agency tell you how they plan to get you the likes and reach you are expecting? How will they make your post go viral or how will the get organic users on your page?

Many of these achievements, my experience tells me, is based on a parameter called ‘edgerank’, thus creating virality for any sort of content.


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