About Us

Driving Digital Domination with

Innovation, Creativity & Storytelling

who we are?

In a world that thrives on stories, emotions and connectivity,

MeDigit is the Dominant Force, poised to elevate your brand to unparalleled heights.

A journey of innovation and excellence, we started as a small team with big dreams

With unwavering dedication and relentless passion, we've transformed challenges into opportunities, crafting a legacy of success.

MeDigit - The idea comes to life

Tanmay, post his stints with Nielsen - McKinsey, Network18 and STAR launches his agency from home.



Soaring high

In a year, MeDigit establishes a formal office, builds a team of subject matter experts & acquires noteworthy clientele.

Moving to a new office

MeDigit moves to a shiny & sparkling, bigger office.



Brilliance in Action

Helping brands with data driven marketing excellence. We worked with leading television & film brands for data analytics projects.

World is ‘social’

We focused on digital marketing as our core competency & leveraged the ‘social’ wave.



Loved by Google

MeDigit became one of the very few Google Partner agencies for its excellence in media management.

Loved by Google & Meta

Along with our Google Partner Badge, MeDigit adds the Meta Partner Agency badge to its credit.



A year of transformation

The golden run continues. We sharpen our focus on ‘performance marketing’ & continue to drive growth for our clients.

MeDigit is 10!

Our journey driven by passion, perseverance & performance continues. We bolster our offerings by crafting proprietary frameworks.



A new avatar

MeDigit re-aligns its mission, crafts a new website & sets its vision for 2035.

Blending creativity with data-driven insights, we weave compelling narratives that captivate your audience, transcending conventional boundaries.

We navigate cultures & sub-cultures within your industry and tailor narratives that resonate with your brand.


Innovation at the Core

Offering solutions through innovative thinking and original approaches.

Creativity that Captivates

Inspiring fascination & results through creative expressiveness.

Storytelling with Impact

Crafting narratives that resonate deeply with your audience.

Ethos Etched

in Our Core

Own it up

No mediocrity

Keep it simple

Open & honest communication

Perfection is the enemy of good 

Understanding cultures, subcultures & trends within

Effective planning is half the battle won



Discover the impactful journey of businesses we've supported, thriving in a world of endless possibilities.